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Inspiration for the creative project is based on a cultural topic, mostly related to art and/or history


Focus of the art project is based on conservancy, nature and wellbeing topics

At RECREARTE we offer an ever changing menu of fun COURSES (of several sessions), as well as plenty of WORKSHOPS (1-session), both ranging from 1 to 4 hours.

Our courses are categorized according to our concept of "intent":   


Focus of the creative work is on using existing objects, as well as recycling and/or upcycling materials


The intent of the session is to drive social interactions, exchange, collaboration and sharing

AGE: All courses and workshops are available for adults, and if specially described as such, also for kids* (8+) and teens. This is due to the level of motoric development required, but we are not strict.

LANGUAGE: Primary Language will be English, but we are multi-lingual (DE, FR, ES, and a little Italian)  and we will do our best to translate and accommodate your needs.