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At RECREARTE we offer an ever changing menu of fun COURSES (of several sessions), as well as plenty of WORKSHOPS (1-session), both ranging from 1 to 4 hours.

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Instead of asking you to adjust your schedule to ours, we will now let you choose the times that best suit you for a course of session. This applies for times within our opening times, of course.... but sometimes we can be flexible in the evenings for those of you working office hours.

So, to book a course, select the course (several sessions) or session (single session) and send us a proposed time and day that would best suit you via email to .  We will do our best to comply. If not possible, we will contact you to arrange something that works for all.


At ReCreArte we offer on demand creative courses and workshops for all ages (under 8 only with accompanying adult or during special occasions/upon request) with acrylics, oil pastels, pastels, watercolors, collage, or any combination thereof.

Learn the basics or more advanced techniques and create your own work of art on canvas, specialized paper, or art boards.

We offer a variety of workshops on demand 1 to 4 hours daily at the time that best suits you, between 10am and 10pm.

Paper-Mâché sculptures are our specialty. To make a sculpture from scratch you will require 6 sessions or 2 hours (spaced by 24 hours).

Other objects (wood, paper-mâché, ceramic and more) are also available to paint on.

Dream-catchers, upcycled-material insects or ocean creatures, or simply a Lego robot or your own creation are super fun projects you can also choose to do/make.


All courses & workshops can be delivered in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Best if you reserve your spot an hour in advance ( or WhatsApp +41(0)79 872 33 33). Capacity max. 16 participants. Looking forward to getting creative with you!



Learn to draw a beautiful
Tiny Art Project.
Contact us to let us know when you have time. We will adapt to your schedule when possible
(Details & booking >>)


Paper-Mâché Cactus (~30cm)
2 courses of 4 sessions of 90min

Contact us to let us know when you have time to take the course. We will adapt to your schedule whenever possible.


All month we celebrate the colors of Frida Kahlo & Rufino Tamayo, extraordinary Mexican artists . Mixed media art Workshops. Let us know date and time that best suit you, considering you will need 1 to 3 hrs.  (Details & booking >>)


Anytime this week, you can walk into our studio and take a seat to work on a Fairy inspired deco project (Flowers or Trees also possible) using our materials. From 15min to all the time you like! 


Anytime this week, you can walk into our studio and take a seat to work on a Bug or Insect inspired deco project using our materials. From 15min to all the time you like!   (Details & booking >>)

Paper-Mâché "Alebrijes", fantasy animals or more (~30cm)
1 course of 5 sessions of 2h30min
Contact us to let us know when you have time to take the course. We will adapt to your schedule whenever possible.

All month we celebrate nature by creating cacti, and so much more. Paper, stones, cardboard, and other materials will be available.  (Details & booking >>)

Zentangles (1h30) and also Mandalas (2h+) during all Summer. Check it out details and booking here >>


Being confined for the summer in a remot

We teach different painting and crafting techniques, yet our focus on is the creative process. We believe anyone can create beautiful things, and have so much fun doing it! 

We encourage and teach you to explore different materials, from the more classic paper and pencil or ink, brush and watercolors,  gouache or acrylics, to painting on canvas, but also objects. We love working with and on paper-mâché, and other upcycled objects. The point is to create and enjoy it!   


We teach courses to most ages, depending on the technique, we adapt the material to the needs and abilities of our participants. As a general rule adults and teens can attend by themselves, while kids under 8 years should come with an adult who will support them.

Our staf is multi-lingual. We can deliver a course in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.


WHEN: See our suggested schedule, and keep in mind we are very flexible with programming workshops and courses on demand. 


Our courses and workshops

All our current courses and workshops are listed below. They are categorized by their main driving focus: ReCiclArte for recycled or upcycling-based crafts, ReCulturArte for more art history or are movement-focused workshops, ReNaturArte for nature or wellbeing themed activities, and ReIncontrArte for collaborative and sharing-minded topics.

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