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Simple cute birdies with carboard roll and paper

I don't know about you, but I am a paper and cardboard fan. So much you can do with them. On top of that I love to recycle books other people discard. So I thought to do something cute with some material I had at hand last night.

Dia de Muertos. Day of the Dead. Modern costume using a Sugar Skull make up and flowers

MATERIAL NEEDED: To make upcycled birdies:

- Toilet or kitchen paper roll (cut to about toilet paper size)

- A page from an old book or magazine

- Color paper or pattern paper form a magazine

- Glue

- Scissors

- Black pen

- Pencil to make the form before you cut

STEPS: The steps to follow are very simple:

1: Cover the cardboard roll with text paper from an old book or magazine (make sure you ask your parents if it's ok) and glue.

2: Draw a heart on the color paper, making sure that the total height is a bit smaller than the heigh of the roll.

3: Bend the roll putting the ends together on one side and cut a semi-circle to form the head of the bird. Add a little colored paper triangle in the middle to make the beak, using glue. Now glue the whole side.

4: Now bend the roll in the opposite side and also the opposite direction, creating some sort of closed cone. Glue the end.

5: Draw a little eye next to the beak using a marker or pencil.

7: Ready!

8: You can make many variations!


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