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Simple but beautiful up-cycled paper flowers

I don't know about you, but I am a book fan. Just love them. And of course I keep more than I should. Including old school books from my kids. I even have old school books from my husband's middle school years, such as this Swiss Atlas.

Well, sometimes they become useful in that I use them to as upcycling paper. I use the pages to make small projects.

These simple flowers can be done with any paper. I particularly like them with the maps, but also other books can be used.

Dia de Muertos. Day of the Dead. Modern costume using a Sugar Skull make up and flowers
Bits of crayon to make the up-cycled crayons

MATERIAL NEEDED: To make upcycled flowers:

- Paper of any kind. About 80gr

- Pencil or pen

- Scissors

- Glue

STEPS: The steps to follow are very simple:

1: Make a squared piece of paper (it's easier to draw the outline of the spiral)

2: Draw a spiral starting with a circle and draw inward some four times, each time making the space between one line and the previous a bit wider as you approach the center.

3: Cut out the circle and along the spiral line

4: Now start rolling it up, starting with the outter-most end.

5: When you get to the middle the center of the circle will end up under your least wide side of the rolled-up paper. This will be the base of your flower.

6: Put some glue on there and hold if for a minute or so until it dries.

7: Ready!

8: You can make a nice design with the flowers like in a wreath.


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