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"Fluid Realities - Ipanema#1"
Ipanema, Brazil
Photo print on Wood, 40 x 40 cm



With her series "Fluid Realities", Tanja Warring makes a similar reflection on the omnipresent social media aesthetic. Today, it takes an instant to take out a smartphone and capture almost every second of our lives with the camera. We then use filters and editing apps to create a second layer of “reality”, often more attractive than the first. In an attempt to reverse this trend, Tanja takes out pencil and paper, and goes back to the “drawing board”.  Using the pencil, forces her to see, capture and feel her surroundings in a personal way. She then takes a photo of her sketch and combines it with the traditional photo of the place she visited. This editing process allows her to make one world flow into the other. The resulting image is printed with glossy finish onto a square wooden panel, which is then given scratched to  refine the composition.

Fluid Realities - Ipanema#1

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