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Alebrije: "Groxy"

By Marcela Ruppli-Juin 
Technique: Cartoneria (similar to Paper-Mâché / Cartapesta).

Size: 60H x 25B x 25L cm 


"Cartoneria technique, a Mexican artisan craft inherited from Spain and was originally used to make dolls for girls who could not afford porcelain. The craft was an adaptation to the traditional Papier-Mache, in that it uses a thick craft paper.


Part of the famous Day of the Dead, “Catrinas” depict all sorts of famous personalities as skeletons. This piece is a tribute to Frida Kahlo’s life, her work and her love and support to Mexican artisan traditions, including both Cartoneria, and Catrinas” MRJ


Cartoneria: "Frida Catrina" (60H x 25B x 25L cm)

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