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Alebrije: "Axel Axolotl"

By Marcela Ruppli-Juin 
Technique: Cartoneria (similar to Paper-Mâché / Cartapesta).

Size: 60x32x22 cm 


“Axolotls are an endemic species of the Mexico City lake of Xochimilco and Texcoco. Of the salamander family, Axolotl are present in the mythology since the Aztecs. According to mythology, the fire and lightning God Xolotl descended to Earth in this shape in order to hide and escape his due sacrifice.  This peculiar amphibian, keeps its juvenile form throughout its life. Meaning that it never looses its gills. They are endangered species, but one very important for the pharma industry due to its unique ability to regrow organs without any scaring tissue. Proceeds from the sale of this piece will go to the National University of Mexico's program to reinstate this species in the wild.” MRJ


"Alebrijes are a 100 year-old Mexican artisan craft. They depict fantasy creatures that combine features of several elements: water, wind, earth and fire. They are made of paper and wire; and are generally brightly colored. Marcela prefers their natural paper color, although not always.


Alebrijes are made with the Cartoneria technique, a Mexican artisan craft inherited from Spain and was originally used to make dolls for girls who could not afford porcelain. The craft was an adaptation to the traditional Papier-Mache, in that it uses a thick craft paper. ” MRJ


Available at our Gallery in Locarno or here.

Shipping cost within Switzerland: CHF 30.-

Alebrije: "Axel Axolotl" (60x32x22cm)

CHF580.00 Regular Price
CHF400.00Sale Price
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