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Nastasia Mauceri

Painter and plastic artist, born in Lugano in 1995, Nastasia initially trained at CSIA Lugano as a Textile Technologist and Designer (2014) and then moved to Lucerne where she obtained her Bachelors in Fine Arts and Art & Design Education at Hochschule Design&Kunst in 2019.

In her works, she depicts the essence of things in their primordial form and intrinsic being.  The bright colors scattered across the canvas are reminiscent of abstract landscapes, emanations of the mind freed from the conditioning of rational thought.


Nastasia uses mainly acrylics and gessoes. She strikes her canvases with impulsive movements that suggest a deep desire to overcome the restrictions dictated by society’s aesthetic and moral conventions. Like a mirror, her work is an opportunity for the viewers to face and lose themselves for an instant among expressive marks and vivid colors, to rediscover a more authentic and vibrant identity.

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