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Mark Vorselaars


Mark Vorselaars is a talented wood craftsman, originally from Holland.  He emigrated to Switzerland with his Swiss-Dutch wife to start a second-life. And as he did, he also got busy giving objects and used materials a second-life too. Often combining them with wood, he uses his creativity to repurpose the objects and turn them into something completely new. For example a golf iron on a block of wood becomes a lamp foot and shade diverting the light to the wall where it reflects from to illuminate a room indirectly. 

A process called upcycling is what inspires Mark's work, and makes use of objects otherwise discarded, that can now enrich other people's spaces and lives.

Mark's work will be exhibiting from June 1st until August 31st. Don't miss it!


Wooden Table

Art exhibition 

June 1st - August 31st, 2023

Items on exhibit and sale also available here


For further information feel free to contact us.

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