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Katrin Loglio

Film director from Ticino (Switzerland), Katrin Loglio (1993) graduated from the University of Cinema (UCINE) in Buenos Aires (2019). 

While she studied, her passion for painting was born. In the various neighborhoods of Buenos Aires she recycled discarded wood to capture her plastic art. Fish with huge eyes represent her 360 degree “viewing” of the world. It’s a visual search, a travelling eye in search of adventure, knowledge and spiritual growth, but also an open window into the world that grants her a more perceptual and sensory channel.  

Until Spring of 2022, Katrin worked as a muralist in Mexico, where she painted several walls a number of buildings (Merida, Puerto Escondido, Guatemala, and more). She also began to paint on canvas with her first exhibition "Mimetization" at "La Casa del acantilado" (The house on the cliff) and with the following one "Mutation" at the "House of culture Fernando Lujan" in Puerto Escondido.

She spent the second half of 2022 in her hometown Losone and Locarno working on a feature film project and painting. She had a successful exhibition called "The memories of my eyes" during a few months at the Casa Cecilia in Losone. She recently finished another mural series on the ceiling of a restaurant in Piedmont, Italy, and now another in Gordola, Ticino.  


November - December 2022 she exhibited at ReCreArte her collection "Mondo Mosaico" or "Mosaic World". During those months he has covered our walls with his vibrant colors, flowing lines and intrepid fish eyes and characters, through which we are invited to see the world and his world.


Agosto 26th - 31st, 2023

After the very successful exhibition of 2022, "Mondo Mosaico", Katrin Loglio returns to ReCreArte with a new exhibition called "respira" or "breathe".   As Katrin put is: " 'Breathe' is an exhibition about all those moments when we lack air. Each painting represents a situation of peace and calm, despite the fact that the events around us are extremely heavy and difficult to bear: parental influences, people's comments, couple's expectations and those of ourselves. There will always be someone who will want to tell us what to do, we just have to learn to welcome it and above all, breathe. In all these moments I have learned to say to myself, Breathe!


Works from "Mondo Mosaico" and more

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