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Cartoneria: "Grillo Arc-en-Ciel"

By Marcela Ruppli-Juin 2023
Technique: Cartoneria (similar to Paper-Mâché / Cartapesta).

Size: 22/25x11/17x14 cm


"Cartoneria technique, a Mexican artisan craft inherited from Spain and was originally used to make dolls for girls who could not afford porcelain. The craft was an adaptation to the traditional Papier-Mache, in that it uses a thick craft paper.

This grasshopper is an abstraction part of a series of animals made using Cartoneria and using the Alebrije decoration style, i.e. very intricate decorations with acrylic ink and colors” MRJ


Available at our Gallery in Locarno or here.

Shipping cost within Switzerland: CHF 25.-

Cartoneria: "Grillo Arc-en-Ciel" 22/25x11/17x14 cm

CHF 100,00Prezzo
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