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Grit Meyer

For more than ten years, photography has been a second language for German photographer Grit Meyer, a meditative balance. It gives her the opportunity to let her thoughts take shape in pictures.


Initially a self-taught practitioner, she then completed her training with the CAS Photography Diploma in March 2020.

"Cherry Tree"

March 1st until May 31st, 2023

VERNISSAGE APRIL 1st,  17:00 alle 20:00

People are magically attracted to the power and tranquility that a tree holds. The tree is a symbol of life in the spring and winter rest to gather strength to start the cycle again. A symbol of life and nature in its entirety. Grit’s photographic realization reflects the complexity of human thought at every stage of life. Or rather, it’s her personal processing of the Corona conditioned situation in 2021.

“Suddenly it is there - the new reality, the world is in deceleration mode, perceived isolation, human alienation and pigeonholing of opinions. We humans have different perspectives on the things that surround us. The dynamics, or rather drama, of how we as a culture, civilization and as individuals respond to crises is critical to how we produce our future. The tolerance and acceptance of these points of view results in the end in a vision of development. Yet, at the end, for everyone tangibly, a tree stands.”


Work description:
This fine art photography series "Cherry Tree" was created in 2021. I documented the tree in every season by circling the tree at a distance of 30m, 360° and taking a photo about every 2m. This way, about 60 pictures are taken per session. In the search for a suitable tree, the geographical conditions were mainly decisive, such as the undeveloped free location, flat terrain and the type of tree because of the beautiful colored inflorescence. Weather conditions and sun position were also crucial for the success of a session. In post-processing, these resulting images are overlaid, aligned, edited, and given a transparency. So that this unusual view merges into a complete work of art.

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