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Enrique Perez Garci


Born and raised in Mexico City, Enrique lives in Switzerland since 2003. He studied Psychology and thereafter completed as doctorate program in Neuroscience. Over the last 3 years he revived an old passion: photography.  He has been exploring and experimenting on different photo genres, mostly teaching himself, where Mr. “trail-an-error” has become his best mentor. Some of his work has been awarded at the Swiss Photo Club competitions and selected by the jury for its exhibition at the “Photo-Schweiz 22”, one just received the International Photo Award's top 5 Jury Selection Award!


"Streets themselves constitute a stage where human life performs at its best. This fact was constantly (at least for me) overlooked and given for granted until the COVID pandemic stroke. Although street mobility restrictions in Switzerland were minor compared to other countries, this hard time made me realized the beauty of human life and its need to express itself in spite of its fragility. This feeling is even more confirmed now when seeing the news about the non-sense conflict in Ukraine, as well as others in the world, including my home land Mexico, where a simple street stroll can become utterly dangerous.

These photographs I am presenting at RECREARTE were captured during the late stage of the COVID pandemic and are meant to display the beauty of human behaviour in its outmost pure state without imposed sense of fear." Enrique Perez Garci

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