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Conradin Stiffler

Born in Zurich in 1969, studied architecture at the ETH Zurich and Art at the SKDZ School of Art and Design Zurich. He lives and works in Erlenbach (ZH) and Davos (GR), Switzerland.


“London Flowers”

By Conradin Stiffler


Technique:   Oil on canvas
Size:   130 cm x 130 cm

Produced:   Zurich, 2017

Price at



By Conradin Stiffler


Technique:   Oil on canvas

Size:   140 cm x 100 cm

Produced:  Davos, 2022

Price at



By Conradin Stiffler


Technique:   Oil on canvas

Size:   70 cm x 90 cm

Produced:   Davos, 2022

Price:   (SOLD)


"My latest works reflect the theme of texture and color. I always start with the colored priming of the canvas. Here I already decide whether I want more of a warm tonality in the picture or rather a cool impression. Usually the primer is also not monochromatic, but already laid out in several layers. On this colored canvas I sketch very roughly forms, movements and dynamics. Then follows the construction of the chiaroscuro with oil paints, which follows very freely the sketching and may well deviate strongly from the charcoal drawing. Afterwards the colors are applied in several layers - at this point the image can be changed only by the color, no longer by the form, i.e. it is here for me to achieve the right color-form effect. Sometimes this takes 3 to 4 layers, sometimes 7 to 8 or more layers. 

Per picture I paint about all in all a week, distributed over long time intervals, so that the color can dry in each case. On the next page I have recorded the path of a painting photographically. I do this for each painting and I make a note in my notebook of each layer of paint. 

The inspiration for the works comes from everywhere: from form, from color, in nature, on the Internet - from wherever. By the way, London Flowers also has elements of this painting." Conradin Stiffler


2017 and 2018 Group exhibitions at the Phyton gallery in Erlenbach, Zurich.

2022 Group exhibition at the Phyton gallery in Erlenbach, Zurich, Switzerland

2022 Group exhibition at the Galleria RECREARTE in Locarno, Switzerland.


For further information, feel free to contact us.

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