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Alessandro Andolina


"I am an artist. I always have been. And I am also Sicilian. Since 2015 in this creative phase I have been making sculptures with materials that I salvage on the shorelines of my hometown, mostly wood, metal and plastic pieces. I like to think of their history. I decorate them with materials that people discard, and while doing so, I clean up the places I visit. I love nature and I respect it. I know the places where I can find material... I have a visceral relationship with the sea; and I like to think it rewards me by always giving me something for my sculptures. Recently the woods also give me valuable material. Its a question of paying attention. I am in love with what I do, it makes me feel free and at peace with myself, and the relationship with nature makes me more creative than ever."


" The ReCreArte gallery in Locarno will be exhibiting sculptures of fish and sailboats, elements related to the sea. I like to share my artistic passion, so I am working on a project of educational art and creative recycling workshops combined with environmental awareness. The project aims to create a network of like-minded people, with absolute respect for the world that so generously gives us a home." A.Andolina

Artistic curriculum

  • March/April Solo exhibition at TRA l'altro, literary café Lugano (Ticino). 2023

  • 2022 February/March Solo exhibition at the ronchetto in Comano (Ticino). 

  • In 2020 realization of furniture with recycled wood inspired by Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter founder of neoplasticism. Instagram The Wood of the Mediterranean. 

  • Since 2016 Permanent exhibition of sculptures at Fish house art, art gallery in Ortigia, historic center of Syracuse. 

  • 2018 September/October, Group exhibition at Montevergini Gallery, Syracuse. 

  • 2014 "The parable of soccer" temporary installation in Ortigia. Syracuse. Facebook the parable of soccer. 

  • 2011 Montevergini Gallery, Syracuse. Performance " One of us" on the state of culture and art. You tube ilMessican0 2010 installation Posters for a mock demonstration in aid of the people of Angola (African state). Raising awareness against war and illegal landings. 

  • 2008 Mergulensi Square, Ortigia. Interactive performance on silence and alternative forms of communication to speech and telepathy as a form of ancestral communication.  (video documentation available)

  • 2007 Realization of a video clip using the stop motion technique, with original video and music, in collaboration with other students of the degree course in cultural heritage sciences, awarded at the Zoo Center, Center of Contemporary Cultures in Catania. name of the clip Syracuse in 9600 images. 

  • 2004/2005 creator of "We'll take care of it." Traveling exhibition through streets of Ortigia. 

  • 1995 "Syracuse art in video" Curator of the video artists section. Participation in the review with the video Sirac/closes.

Education and training

2018/2019 ACSI 1st level yoga instructor. National Diploma

2007  Degree in cultural heritage science, book archiving from the University of Arts and Philosophy in Catania.


For further information feel free to contact us


  • Enrique Pérez-Garci
  • @perezgarcienrique
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