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Rufino Tamayo Watermelon (4h)

Paint one of the most famous fruits painted by Mexican Rufino Tamayo.

  • 220 Swiss francs

Service Description

This session is dedicated to the world-famous Mexican contemporary artist Rufino Tamayo, and to paint your own Tamayo-inspired Watermelon canvas. If there’s a painter whose intense colors and vivid expressions show the strength of Mexican art, that is Rufino Tamayo (1899-1991). To understand the magic of this extraordinary artist, one must first discover his life, especially his childhood, and his love for the mysticism of Mexican pre-hispanic cultures and particularly his native Oaxaca. Two factors that made his creativity explode in a landslide of color, passion, joy, and life. Tamayo’s paintings revolve around existence and are embedded with the deepest reflections of what life is all about. Come and discover the wonderful world of Rufino Tamayo’s magical mélange of painting and philosophy. The session includes a discussion of 15-20 min. Open to your own interpretation but inspired by his style, you will create a magically red canvas of refreshing and juicy watermelons. A true joy to the eye and senses. Filled with symbolism and a well established style of this unique Mexican artist of the 20th Century. DURATION: 4 hours CLOTHING: Comfortable clothes that can get dirty. Aprons available. LANGUAGE: English, German, Spanish, and French, or Italian. AUDIENCE: This session is designed for adults and teens. PRICE/PAYMENT: includes all material (canvas of approximately 40x30cm, acrylic colors and brush to borrow), and a coffee or tea. Payment can be done online or in person with cash (please bring exact amount), Credit Card or TWINT. If you already attended our CULTURE CAFÉ presentation on Rufino Tamayo's life and work, you can arrive an hour later and we will give you a discount of CHF 20.- on this course.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel your participation, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Please see your Cancellation policy under Terms and conditions page (available at the bottom of any of our website pages).

Contact Details

  • Casa Torretta, Via della Gallinazza 10, Locarno, Switzerland


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