RECREARTE is not only a Creative Studio, but has also an adjacent young and dynamic Gallery based in the center of Locarno, Switzerland. It exhibits national and international contemporary art, sculpture, installation, video and photography and new media art. Our artists cover a wide array of thematic and aesthetic concepts, in search of new exciting approaches to contemporary art, often finding progressive and thought-provoking proposals.

Image by Zach Key


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Mondo Mosaico

"Mosaic World" is a heterogeneous exhibition of works of art that show fragments of KAK's life experiences in a varied approach.

These experiences of the last ten years, across different parts of the world, and represented in evolving brilliant and darker colors and shapes, are incorporated into a large wall collage.

The expectator is invited to follow their flow, as they integrate and merge, directly into the body and soul of the artist.

Mundo Mosaico will be on our walls from November 12, 2022 and until February 12, 2023 (NOTE GALLERY CLOSED JANUARY 6-31 2023).  
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